once upon a time ...

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sometimes i write just to try and figure it out

ever feel like
ever wonder …
some days your
other nights it’s like
you wake up feeling strange
your angry during the day
you feel hopeless
The more you think
The more you become remorseless
you start to wonder
you want to cry …
Can’t quite find the words to describe
Describe what it is your feeling inside
Alone is what you want
But alone is also what you fear …
your tired
Tired of this life
And all you want
And all you crave is someone
Someone that could just listen
And hold you tight …
I stated this poem …
For some reason idk why
But all I know is
blank is how I feel inside

So I’m Just laying here and once again I can’t sleep I closed my eyes about 5 times still no sleep. All I can think about is how Cold it is in this Living room like I really hate the cold I love heat and if i even dare touch that AC there going to have a heart attack what the hell am I going to do ?????

It’s so amazing how I managed to just get up and tell my self everything will be okay. I was or still am so hurt from this fall out with You but I looked on the bright side and just thought about how bad it would be to crumble over this it would be like I didn’t learn anything over the Years when it comes to guys and Me and truthfully I’ve learned a lot. I love You with all my heart that I don’t even want to lose you as friend. You have a good heart and you mean no harm I love you that much that I will just accept and move on .. I’ve met a boy and that boy is you the way you make me smile with out even having to say a word still amazes me till this day and il forever hold on to our bitter sweet memories , I’m not dwelling on this anymore. here’s to new beginnings and what’s to come ahead Your my friend and I wish you the best. No matter what I’m there for you and always will be the best way I can.

-Love You Mr.P

I didn’t know that I have fallen in love till like recently when the boy I’m in love with started acting all strange. funny how it was all good a week ago I wonder what changed. He was grumpy and angry, & when I pushed for a conversation he brushed me off. I let him be when he was ready to talk he spoke but he didn’t have any nice things to say. Although I understood where he was coming from I just kept thinking what about me … we use to be a we and all of a sudden he wanted to be an I. I wish I could sit here and Explain it all but my hearts to full I feel like il Explode .. So I tuck all these feelings inside Bc showing them won’t help .. it will make me look weak and I hate looking weak so I wear a smile Bc I know in the End I’m strong il make it through this …. I’ve been alone for so long I’m use to it .. Just need me a few days and I know il be fine

I’m the type of girl once you stop paying attention to me i sorta get upset like i really get upset and then after a while i just say forget it… and just Forget and then when i forget things become better because I’m no longer craving that attention.